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- Horrible - - - 6/25/2020 - comment
My experience with filing my taxes with this company have been horrible to say it nicely. I still have not received my state taxes so I had to make several calls trying to track it down. Turns out Matt forgot file my state taxes. I will have to refile now by myself. Very, very disappointing.

- I would not wish this type of service on my worst enemy - - - 6/18/2020 - comment
Its been 6 months since I filed my taxes with Matt and I have still not received my refund. I cannot explain how many issues I have had throughout this process with Matt. Lack of communication being the number one issue. I was told that my tax refund would be in a direct deposit format. 3 weeks had went by and I still did not receive my refund. After calling several times and leaving about 14 voicemails for Matt, I decided to call him from a friends phone number. He then answered and we realized my taxes had been mailed to a random address (not mine). He said he would work on it and more weeks went by. I kept calling and calling. No answer, so I again called from a new phone number. I expressed my frustrations and Matt was very disrecptpful and yelled at me on the phone as if this was my fault. I began to cry. This process has been an absolute nightmare. FILE WITH ANYONE, and I mean AYNONE ELSE!
      - 6/19/2020 - I have to correct something, when I said "random address" it was an address that I resided in two years prior to this tax season. So it was not completely random. My apologies and I wanted that to be clear.

- I love them - - - 4/5/2018 - comment
I've used them since 2010...they have always gone above and beyond for me. I got recommended to them from a friend and have been with them ever since!

- Beware - - - 5/22/2013 - comment
This company is not professional and you have to check carefully over your taxes to check for mistakes. They made big mistakes on our taxes the last 2 years and it cost us a lot of time to fix. Their response is always that it's not their fault. We won't be using them again.
      - 9/7/2013 - We caught an error in our 2012 taxes that was clearly A Plus's fault. When we brought our forms back to be corrected we did not receive an apology or any admission of fault. It was a great inconvenience for us and for our son who was wrongly identified on our taxes. We just received notification from the IRS that we owe money from our 2011 taxes because a form was not correctly filed with our taxes. I had asked if we needed a tax form for our HSA account and we were told that we did not. I had it with this company from the 2012 error alone. This second error prompted me to write a review. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE.

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