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- HORRIBLE - - Brandon L. - 10/15/2020 - comment
I honestly don't know where to begin, so let's just jump in w/ DO NOT deal w/ Premier Tax Service. I am going to tell you about last year's experience, then I will tell you about this year's experience. You're probably asking why did I go back the second year if the first was so bad, well b/c I'm an idiot. Side Note: I was recommended PTS by an ADP representative trying to sell me payroll, which by the way, Eddie will try non-stop to get you to sign a deal w/ them b/c he gets a kickback. If you're on the fence about it, he will literally have an ADP rep come into the office while you're there and go over the paperwork w/ you and push for you to sign. Just remember this if you don't have payroll and decide to see Eddie anyways. As soon as you hear ADP and how much you need it, you'll realize this post is an honest indication of how the rest of your experience is going to be. Last year: I called PTS to set up an appointment, which was done successfully, but like most people, I imagine, I asked what I needed to bring in and what kinds of things I should be thinking about, like categories for expenditures or education considerations or various credits etc. I was told that they would email me a list of expense categories and bring anything else I think may be needed. I never received the email. I show up for my appointment, Eddie looks everything over, says I'm missing a few things for what I'm claiming (hence I asked what I needed to bring in), but then prepares my taxes and has me sign. He then processes my payment to PTS, over $600 for a personal return and business return, and reminds me that I need to send him over the missing items. He then explains how I can pay the IRS the taxes owed. No problem right? Wrong. I send him over the items and don't hear anything for a week. So I call the office and am told someone will call me back, never did. I write an email, never receive a response. It got to the point that I had to call, and write an email, every 30 minutes begging them to complete my taxes so I can pay what's owed. This took OVER TWO MONTHS for them to file my taxes and the email afterwards, which was received on April 11, 2019, literally said, "Everything has been handled. You can make the IRS payment at any time now. Best if you pay by April 15th to avoid penalties and interest." In short, PTS is comparable to a bad waiter. Doesn't really care about their service and as soon as you pay the bill, don't expect anything more, even if you haven't received everything you ordered. This year: I call PTS to set up an appointment and they tell me, "just send in the documents, you don't need to come in." Sure, maybe some would prefer this option, but when I deal w/ my money, I want to handle it in-person if possible so I can ask questions should any pop up. After a five-minute back and forth, they tell me they have to go talk to Eddie to see when he is taking appointments. I can't say for sure whether or not he helicopter parents his staff, but in all of the interactions I've had with them, I can't blame him for doing so either. Interesting fact, I didn't see one familiar face in his office this year, well except for his own. So I go in, we do the preliminary dance, I leave w/ my to do list. Coronavirus happens, life gets shuffled, and I end up reaching out again end of March/beginning of April. I have to leave town for work and am told not to worry, they will file the extension for me. Sounds good, thank you. WELL, one thing I was not aware of, that would have been nice to know, is that extensions only adjust the timeframe in which to file, not deadline before which taxes owed should be paid. So what happens is I go to see Eddie when I get back and sure enough, I have fines and fees added to my return that I need to pay. The frustrating part is that I made relatively the same amount as I did the prior year, so we had a good guesstimate of what I would owe. I could have just made a payment to the IRS before April 15th and so long as paid 100% of the taxes from last year's return or 90% of the taxes from this year. So long as you do this, you're good through the extension and can pay the remainder once you file. I would not have incurred any fees or penalties. If you happen to overpay, well then the excess amount gets refunded to you like any other taxpayer. So Eddie cost me money there. I thought CPAs helped taxpayers save money. To make an already unpleasant experience worse, I was charged over $800 this year for the same two tax returns that weren't anymore difficult than the year before. Literally, a more than $200 increase, and actually topped the charts on the most I've ever paid to have my taxes done. Lastly, if you think the communication from the company was better this time, you are sorely mistaken. Same story, different year. Call call call, email email email, and finally something happens. Austin is not a small city, tax preparers are abundant. DO NOT spend more money on worse service.

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