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- The mail lost 8 differnet forms on 8 different dates? You gotta be joking!!! - - - 4/25/2017 - comment
Can you give negative numbers?? Read BBB complaint from 2017!!! All they did was criticize instead of having any facts. The mailman lost the mail specifically for this guy to the IRS once in Sept. of 2013 and twice in Dec. of 2013 (2 separate filings), then lost the W-2 and W-3 filings once in 2013, lost the IRS mail again for this same guy from the same firm in March of 2014, again in June of 2014, again in September of 2014, twice in Dec of 2014 (2 separate filings again), then finally one more time in January of 2015??? Seriously?? That is what they are claiming? That they mailed each one, but the IRS has no record of any of them?? Now they claim he blames them for not doing what they were paid to do? I always thought any company hired to do a job was simply to do that job, I did not realize that hired professionals paid to handle tax submission first interviewed whether or not the client would be their friend, was married or divorced, had a housekeeper or girlfriend, used a cab driver, etc. What does any of that have to do with IRS taxes? Which IRS form asks for this information? Sounds like owner or employee has personal issues, nothing to do with the service they were hired to provide. And they kept 2 checks for 2 years? Sounds like criminal charges should be filed.

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