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- Used for years...NEVER AGAIN! - - SM - 3/30/2019 - comment
TL:DR - I was told I'd be receiving a $1600 refund. Didn't hear anything for three weeks until I inquired when I was told I owed $767 to the IRS. They didn't enter $18,000 of self-employment income on my taxes. Because they'd not filed my taxes yet, Kathryn refused to call this a mistake. I took my taxes to a real CPA and ended up owing $199. Don't bother with Kathryn. Use a real CPA instead. For a few years now, I’ve been using Kathryn to do my taxes and I’ve referred others to her as well. This year, I realized what a HUGE MISTAKE I’ve been making in using her services. I received a call from her office in early March telling me I’d be receiving a refund of $1600. Great! Radio silence for three weeks until I sent an email asking when I’d receive the docs I needed to sign. That is when I received an email telling me I owed the IRS $767. WHAT?? I inquired about what happened and was told the person who called me had forgotten to enter $18,000 of self-employment income on my taxes thus making it seem I’d be receiving a refund. Again...WHAT??? I was then asked to remit $115 for the tax services and then I’d receive the sheet I needed to sign. I emailed stating that this huge mistake was rather disconcerting and that I’d like to request they waive the $115 fee. Kathryn emailed me back stating no mistake had been made since they hadn’t sent my taxes out yet. I responded that I believed it was a mistake to tell me I was receiving a refund, then to be told not only was that not true, but I owed over $700. AND…they didn’t bother to tell me about this until I inquired. No phone call to let me know of the mistake, no email. I had to ask with just about a month to go before the April 15 tax deadline. Kathryn wrote back with this statement. Verbatim: “My employees that do preliminary data entry are NOT supposed to inform a client of any results of a return until I have reviewed it and signed off on it. This is not considered a mistake, it’s incorrect information delivered early. It’s not a mistake since it never left our office nor was it e-filed or sent to you incorrectly.” So it wasn’t a mistake, but rather “incorrect information delivered early?” Sounds like a mistake to me. Here’s the kicker – I took my tax return to a CPA who completed it and guess what? I owed $199. NOT THE $767 KATHRYN CALCULATED!! Quite a difference. The CPA went over my return, discussed with me things I could deduct and advised me on things Kathryn has never discussed with me. Now I wonder if the taxes I’ve owed in past years could have been avoided. Probably so. Do not use Kathryn. Go to a real CPA. It’s totally worth it and can save you a lot of money.

- Great Service - - Myra - 3/22/2016 - comment
Kathryn has done my taxes for almost 15 years now. From the first year to the present she has continued to demonstrate her warm, friendly smile along with her knowledge expertise in preparation of my taxes.Now that I am a senior citizen I appreciate her even more than ever. She is the best.

- Happy - - Candy Spyker - 1/11/2016 - comment
I have been a customer of Katherine's for at least 17 years. I feel so comfortable knowing she is up to date on her knowledge. She makes me feel like family. I strongly suggested my kids use her as they became adults. I relocated and to this day drive almost two hours each year for over seven years to have her prepare my taxes. If that isn't confidence I don't know what is. She is a class act professionally, and very friendly. Love everything about the way she conducts business.

- Kathryn's awesome - - O'Neal, Mr. and Mrs. - 3/9/2015 - comment
Been using Rapid Tax for years and years. Always a wonderful experience. (as good as paying taxes can be) Kathryn knows her stuff... very professional. Rapid Tax is a great value. Very fair pricing. I guarantee you that you won't find any other tax professional to prepare your taxes for less, and if you refer she'll give you a discount. Awesome Lady. You won't be disappointed.

- Very Happy - - MC - 2/6/2015 - comment
I have been using Katherine for years and am comfortable w/ the fact that she "goes by the book"...I don't want anyone doing my taxes that are going to "cheat" or have any reasons why the IRS would come track me down...she's very honest and does a great job and she stays up to date on the laws and regulations yearly...very knowledgable , I would totally recommend her, and yes, get your homework together, she shouldn't have to track all this info down, it's not her job...it's YOUR money, so be organized and prepared when coming to see her...

- Happy - - Bell - 1/4/2015 - comment
I have been going to Kathryn for years. She is fantastic!!! She makes everything so easy!!!
     Lyndsey - 9/4/2018 - I agree!!

- Went for years and never again - - - 1/14/2014 - comment
Poor customer service and all about making things easy for herself. She seriously lectured us on doing homework to prepare items ahead of time and make it easier for her. We've used her for years and are offically fed up with the attitude. Great price but you get what you pay for!
     Thomas - 8/4/2014 - I read your review and she helped us save $ because we did our homework first. If she had to add up our receipts she would have to charge, that's understandable. I was glad for the tips to save me money, sure it saved her time, that why she can keep her fees low. We've used her for years and will continue. You should call her and discuss your situation.

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