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- Poor attitude, customer service, and all around unsatisfactory. - - Casey Harter - 4/2/2019 - comment
0 STARS-AWFUL I went to have my taxes filed, for the first time with Joe Petrik, this year (2019) I was filing both my W2s from 2017 and 2018; I had waited to file both years until this year(2019) Sadly, I owed money back to the government due to a mistake of my own on my 1040 work forms. Sad news, yes, but understandable and a life lesson I wont make again However, when I was informed of the total amount money I owed(informed by Joe Petrik), i was not made aware that any penalties, whatsoever, would be charged to me Penalties charged to me because my 2017 tax returns had an apparent deadline in 2018 to be filed, and payed back (But how would I know to pay this money from 2017, on a deadline 2018, when I filed both 2017 and 2018 W2s in the year 2019. When I received no notice for the entire year of 2018; all the while, these taxes owed are building up late penalties and interest. i can admit, this is not Joe's fault, this is a whole other can of worms with the IRS) But given Joe's "experience" and "years of filing taxes", one would think that he would make sure that any PAYING customers would be made aware of any EXTRA charges that could come as unexpected otherwise Joe absolutely did not give me so much as a warning First, I went with my father to file my taxes at Joe Petrik's office in Saugatuck. My father had been using Joe's services for many years prior to this, having gained an apparent trust for his business While there with my father I noticed a number of things: Joe barely acknowledged us while in the office, joe seemed to rush through the paperwork of filing the taxes, he seemed to be busy with other people's paperwork as we arrived, and had me and my father waiting as he wrapped that up. I also noticed that my inquires into understanding why I must pay back money was met with a hostile, demeaning attitude. Because, obviously, I should have known my mistake, before I was informed of my mistake (Sarcasm) Anyways, leaving Joe's for the first time I knew I had to pay back money to the government, I k ew why, and I knew at this point it was because of my own mistakes One month later, i recieved two separate letters from the IRS informing me of my penalties and late fees (imagine my surprise, I'm sure no one loves an unexpected late fee/penalty) Immediately, I called Joe's; I was told by his very friendly secretary that I could be seen the same day, however I would have to sneak in between his meetings. Very understandable, I dont want to take up anyone's time, while they are paying for a service. (Note, my father and i already have paid him for a service, as well) So I get there today, April 2, 2019. I arrive around 3:19 p.m.(I have a cell phone and do remember the exact time). He was in a meeting, so I waiting in the lobby area for a moment he could be free Very shortly, he became free and his secretary waved me into Joe's office Immediately upon entering the office, I noticed that Joe did not even look up from his paperwork(again). While I quickly explained the situation, he did not look up nor stop his other paperwork After showing him the letters notifying me of late fees, Joe's only answer or response to me is, "well that is what happens when you owe the government money, they penalize you for it when you dont pay back right away." If that was so easy for you to tell me now, then why was I not informed immediately upon filing my taxes with you? If you filed my taxes, and you knew I have to pay back money to the IRS, and you knew it was from two years ago, why not let your paying customer know? I was completely sidelined by these charges. Nearly 300$ of extra penalties, which are suddenly due, or subject to more late fees, within 15 days. Frankly, that amount of money for a lower income such as myself can be completely devastating While explaining to me, about those "obvious" penalties, Joe once again belittled and spoke down on me, because I was uninformed Do not use his service, he is a rude man, unwilling to help, and will not offer so much an an apology or refund, for a job unfinished

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