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- HORRIBLE Experience - - Donna Sisneros, Michelle Matt - 8/31/2017 - comment
My aunt and uncle had their taxes done at The Income Tax Man's office this year. When they discovered something that didn't seem right, my aunt asked me to look at them for her, as I do a few family members simple tax returns. I could not figure out what was wrong. So, she asked me to call and make an apt to have them rechecked and asked me to go along. When I called, Marilynn answered. When I asked to speak to Tanya, I was informed she was not taking any new clients until after April 30 unless it was this years taxes due to the current tax season. I said, well, this is a current customer and it is regarding this years taxes that you guys did wrong. She said, do you not understand what I said? she is not taking new clients. I said, yes I did, but we are CURRENT clients and you guys messed up her taxes. She told me she did not have time to deal with me and hung up. They called my aunt and said to have me call back to make an apt. So I called back and again, Marilynn answered. she told me she couldn't talk to me about it because they were not my taxes. I said that's fine, can you please just make her an apt. She told me I needed power of attorney to do that. I said she is alive and well and is going to be there. I just want to make the apt for her!! She told me I needed to find someone else to bother and hung up again. After several calls back and forth between them and my aunt and them and me, my aunt was called a b***h, was hung up on, and I was hung up on more than once. I called back and asked to talk to the owner. She said I am the owner. She proceeded to tell me I was rude. Yet, I had someone in my office that can say I was not rude and could not get a word in edgewise because she was too busy arguing with me about everything. In between all of this, my aunt called and Marilyn proceeded to tell her she couldn't talk to her about this. They were HER taxes!!!So after all of this, my aunt called the Maine state IRS and even though they were busy, they took 5 mins to actually listen to her. They reentered the numbers and guess what! The Income Tax Man's office messed up. I wrote a letter to Jeff Blethan about the situation but never heard anything back. We are both appalled at how someone can run a business and have someone so rude and horrible working as their receptionist/secretary. They have lost both mine and my aunt's business permanently. And my aunt still has to have her taxes redone because if they are audited it will show as that amount not being paid. But she doesn't even want to call them back to fix them because of how she was treated

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