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- Never Again - - Colin - 4/4/2018 - comment
Don't be fooled by the Better Business Bureau plack on the door, it's as fake as the owner's qualifications. My mother was in a pinch and had her taxes done by Fast Tax. Her first experience went well, she was getting her taxes back and all was well. She received a call from the owner to inform her that the taxes were done incorrectly and she was getting a reduced amount; she accepted this information and went to get her W2s and other documents. When she arrived she was confronted by the owner and informed that she was no longer getting a refund and owed taxes and that she had submitted the addendum already. This was done without my mother's consent; the owner had used the same signatures from the original form - she agreed to that form, not the edited one. While looking over her taxes it became apparent that items such as insurance deductions and student credits were not used properly (the owner does not believe the government should not accept the credit if her client filled out a FAFSA (which is a FORM, not a form of credit aide as the owner informed me)). Fast Tax also failed to return her W2s and other personal documents. I went with her to get her W2s back. The owner argued that they were in the envelope, they were not. She then thumbed through the filing cabinet multiple times and pretended like she couldn't find it. After arguing she finally found them on her 4th pass over the same section. She then viciously removed bits and pieces of my mother's information and returned the stubs. After more misinformation and clear ignorance of the tax process spouted by the unqualified owner we left. Come to find out Fast Tax did not earn those Better Business Bureau accreditation (or they expired). They are rated with a C+ due poor practices and number of recent complaints. Yet, they still hang the accreditation sign. To make it even sweeter a CPA checked the taxes completed by Fast Tax and discovered numerous errors and submitted another addendum. Do not trust this 'business'. If this has happened once with a simple 1040 then it's likely happened hundreds of times over the last 17 years. Would you pick a C+ student to be a tutor? If not, why let a C+ business handle your hard earned money?

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