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- Terrible - - - 4/16/2018 - comment
Worst tax preparer ever!!!!! I had my taxes done by his wife who first off never even let me know ahead of time of up front preparation fee as most places have options to either pay from your return or up front. Courtesy to at least let your clients know you have to pay up front! (Like if you go to a restaurant or store only accepting cash... you’re suppose to let people know, not wait for them to order and then be like oh by the way we only accept only cash). Then my taxes weren’t even filed because she entered the wrong identity PIN number which she never even followed up to let me know what was going on. She was unsympathetic and acted as if she didn’t know what was going on when I eventually had to call her asking why my taxes weren’t filed. I then had to turn my taxes in myself... so what was the point to pay them? I guess after the upfront fee they just wash their hands. On top of everything I then had to prove my identity to the IRS and wait another 9 weeks to even receive my return. I mean seriously I’ve never had such an issue to file my taxes just of time and money!!!! Please beware so this doesn’t happen to anyone else...DO NOT have them do your taxes!

- BOB'S TAXES-REVIEW - - Linda-Police Officer - 1/28/2016 - comment
I have been using Bobs Taxes for over 10 years now. I have been with Suzanne the entire time and have no problems. Suzanne knows exactly what she can and cannot deduct and keeps up with all the new and current tax laws and breaks. I recommend Bob's taxes to anyone who wants honest, quick service.

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